De-Stress Your Life

29/01/20De-Stress Your Life


The majority of us carry some soft of stress around with us everyday. Some people are quite could at managing it or coping with it, and others can really struggle.

The negative health outcomes from being stressed are well documented and can have a major impact on your life!

So, we must attempt to de-stress wherever possible.


Why is de-stressing important to us?

Being stressed out constantly not only leads to many mental health worries but also a lot of physical health worries. Heart attacks become common place for people who are severely stressed.


So, how do we de-stress?

Many people, as I said above, have it sussed in how to manage their stress levels, whilst others struggle. There are many ways you can reduce stress by doing things such as...

-Practising relaxation techniques/meditation/deep breathing


-Having a massage

-Regular exercising 

-Have a bath

-Turn the tv off 


The list goes on and on and it’s very subjective. Your friend might recommend tai chi because it’s worked for them but it might not necessarily work for you. This is where it is important to have a bit of me time. Find out what really switches your mind off and relieves you of your stress. 


If you don’t take time to do this you’re severely risking your long term health!

Don’t carry that stress around with you, deal with it and manage it ????????

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