How Water Affects Health and Wellbeing

29/01/20How Water Affects Health and Wellbeing



The 1st of our daily tips to help you on the path to a healthier lifestyle...Drink Water!


Drinking water is a no brainer...without water we can’t survive. That must tell us something about how important it is to us! We are 60% water...Our blood is about 90% water!


Why is it important to us?


Apart from helping us to actually live, it also...

-Lubricates our joints

-Acts as a cushion to the brain and spinal cord

-Regulates body temperature

-Flushes waste

-Helps maintain blood pressure

-Makes nutrients and minerals accessible

-Helps your airways


I could go on...there’s literally countless ways in which water helps out quality of life and makes us healthier humans.


How much water do we need?

We all know we need water, but most of us get confused about how much we need daily.


There’s some speculation about the exact amount you need. Some sources say men drink around 3 litres, women around 2. But realistically it comes down to your body weight to begin with, and there are lots of websites that allow you to calculate this with some degree of accuracy.


BUT, you’ve then got to factor in exercise, hot days, drinking caffeine...anything that will result in you losing water so that you can replenish what you’ve lost.


You get water in a variety of other sources like tea etc, but ultimately, rather like eating low fat mayonnaise, it doesn’t beat the real thing!

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