Clare before & after photo

James is a fantastic trainer. He is a great advocate of women lifting weights and I can’t recommend this method enough.

We’ve been working together for around 18 months now and I’ve lost 21kg. I never thought I could lift weights independently but James is a great teacher and I feel confident to go it alone now!


John before & after photo

Signing up was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had never set foot in the gym before and was lost at where to start.

James designed a program which has constantly progressed - I now feel 100% fitter, feel much happier about my body, sleep better and most importantly have a positive and healthy attitude towards life.


Hannah before & after photo

My focus with James was on weight loss and we achieved this through a combination of strength training and calorie tracking.

After working through the techniques on a variety of exercises, with James’s guidance, I became more confident training on my own and structuring a programme that was right for me and my goals.


Ethne photo from training with Radical Fitness

James is an excellent coach who helped me use sport specific exercises to assist me in improving my strength, power and speed. This enabled me to perform to the best of my abilities when playing tennis.


Chloe photo from training with Radical Fitness

James has helped me a lot with training as a full time tennis player. The strength training I did helped improve my tennis game whilst managing my injuries. James is a great trainer and listens to any queries you have so that you’re getting the best results possible.


Steff photo from training with Radical Fitness

Since beginning my training, I have added 10kg of lean muscle tissue whilst keeping my body fat low. I also now feel a lot more confident with exercises and how to structure them in to a programme than I did before.


Tracy before & after photo

After losing an initial 3 stone I contacted James for advice and through his programmes have lost an additional 1.5 stone and developed more shape and strength to my body.

James always pushes you but at the same time you feel a real sense of achievement. We always have a laugh too!


Sonya before & after photo

After being told by a physio I needed to start strength training to help with injuries I contacted James who had a good understanding of my needs and promised to build me up slowly so I didn’t ‘suffer’ as that was another fear that put me off!

After just 8 sessions I saw massive improvements. I also saw welcomed changes in my body shape, ability to maintain a steady weight and motivation. I now have the confidence to do strength training by myself. So worth the investment!


Siân before & after photo

I was stuck in a rut with my diet & training but James has helped me build my confidence, given me a ‘can do’ attitude & taught me how to balance out my sessions so I always get the most out of my training.

Definitely a worthwhile investment!


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